If I am a member of ACHE, am I automatically a member of GAHE?

  • Yes, if you are an ACHE affiliate living in Georgia or have designated membership in the Georgia state chapter. When you join ACHE you are automatically a member of your local chapter — no need for separate request or application. You are automatically added to our mailing list when you join ACHE or, if moving to our state, as soon as you update your address in your My ACHE record.

Do I have to be a member of ACHE to be a member of GAHE?

  • Yes. You are invited to join, please go to our Membership page for complete details.

Do I have to be a member to attend GAHE’s educational and networking events?

  • No, we welcome members and non-members at most of our events (members receive discounted registration prices). Visit our Events page for complete information and registration.

How can I join?

How can I access the GAHE Member Roster section?

  • Click here, when the dialog box appears type in your ACHE username and password.

What is my password for the GAHE Member Roster?

  • It is the same as your ACHE username and password.

Why should I join GAHE?

  • GAHE is the largest health executive oriented association in the state of Georgia. Our programs and meetings foster leadership development, educational updates, and professional networking opportunities.

Who are the members?

  • Our membership includes CEOs, presidents, and executive, senior and junior managers of hospital systems and healthcare-related industry; plus faculty and students in MHA and healthcare-related degree programs.
  • For a profile of our organization please view the GAHE Fast Facts (pdf file).

How can I share my skills and expertise with GAHE members?

  • If you are a member of GAHE you are invited to serve on our board and various committees. Members and non-members may serve as guest speakers at our educational programs. For both roles, please Contact Us.

How can I find or submit career information on the GAHE web site?

  • To find career information or to send career information go to Careers page.

What is the time commitment?

  • GAHE traditionally hosts approximately twelve continuing education meetings annually. Experts lead the discussions on current topics within the industry and local markets. You are invited to attend any or all of these meetings. Your assistance is invited and welcome on our various committees, to volunteer please Contact Us.

What is the relationship between GAHE and ACHE?

  • GAHE is the award-winning independent local chapter of ACHE for the state of Georgia. We were recognized as a “Chapter of Merit” for 2016, 2015 and 2008, and the “Local Chapter of the Year” for 2001.

Which GAHE members have served as Chairman of ACHE?

  • 2002-2003: Larry Sanders – CEO, Columbus Regional Health System
  • 2009-2010: Charles R. Evans, FACHE – President and CEO, International Health Services Group (IHSG)